Fastighetsnät för informationsöverför., SS-EN 50174-3, utg 2

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SS-EN 50174-3, utgåva 2 + A1, Fastighetsnät för informationsöverföring - Installation av kablage - Del 3: Planering och genomförande av installation utomhus.

SS-EN 50174-3, utg 2, Fastställelsedatum: 2013-11-13 | Utgåva: 2 | Antal sidor: 98 SS-EN 50174-3, utg 2 A1, Fastställelsedatum: 2017-06-14 | Utgåva: 2 | Antal sidor: 18

The importance of services delivered by information technology cabling infrastructure is similar to that of utilities such as heating, lighting and electricity supplies. As with those utilities, interruptions to service can have a serious impact. Poor quality of service due to lack of planning, use of inappropriate components, incorrect installation, poor administration or inadequate support can threaten an organisation?s effectiveness. There are four phases in the implementation of information technology cabling.

These are:
a) design;
b) specification - the detailed requirement for the cabling, including the planning of its accommodation and associated building services addressing specific environments (e.g. electromagnetic) together with the quality assurance requirements to be applied;
c) installation - in accordance with the requirements of the specification;
d) operation - the management of connectivity and the maintenance of transmission performance during the life of the cabling.

Språk: Engelska

Antal sidor: 98 + 18, SS-EN 50174-3, utgåva 2, 2013, A1, 2017.

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