Fastighetsnät för informationsöverf., SS-EN 50173-3, utg. 2

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SS-EN 50173-3, utgåva 2, 2018 - Fastighetsnät för informationsöverföring - Generella kabelnät - Del 3: Industrier.

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SS-EN 50173-3, utgåva 2, 2018 ersätter SS-EN 50173-3, utgåva 1, 2007 + Tillägg A1:2011+ Tillägg A1:2011.

The importance of cabling infrastructure is similar to that of other fundamental utilities such as water and energy supply and interruptions to the services provided over that infrastructure can have a serious impact. A lack of design foresight, the use of inappropriate components, incorrect installation, poor administration or inadequate support can threaten quality of service and have commercial consequences for all types of users.

This standard specifies generic cabling within and between the buildings of office premises, or office spaces within other types of building.

Additionally those premises can include:
- industrial spaces for which generic cabling is specified in EN 50173-3;
- data centre spaces for which generic cabling is specified in EN 50173-5.

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SS-EN 50173-3, utgåva 2

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