Fastighetsnät för informationsöverf., SS-EN 50173-5, utg 2

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SS-EN 50173-5, utgåva 2, 2018, Fastighetsnät för informationsöverföring - Generella kabelnät - Del 5: Datahallar.

SS-EN 50173-5, utgåva 2, 2018 ersätter SS-EN 50173-5, utgåva 1, 2007 + Tillägg A1:2011.

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The importance of the information technology cabling infrastructure is similar to that of other utilities such as heating, lighting and electricity supplies. As with other utilities, interruptions to service can have serious impact. Poor quality of service due to lack of planning, use of inappropriate components, incorrect installation, poor administration or inadequate support can threaten an organisation´s effectiveness.

Cabling within data centres comprises both application-specific and multipurpose networks that are missioncritical to the enterprise. Generic cabling designs in accordance with the EN 50173 series have supported the development of high data rate applications based upon a defined cabling model. This European standard recognizes the benefit of generic cabling to provision multiple services and to connect large quantities of equipment within the limited space of data centre premises, and is to be used in conjunction with EN 50173-1.

Svensk titel
Fastighetsnät för informationsöverföring - Generella kabelnät - Del 5: Datahallar

Engelsk titel
Information technology - Generic cabling systems - Part 5: Data centre spaces

Titel: SS-EN 50173-5, utg 2:2018 SS-EN
Fastställd: 2018-09-12
Språk: Engelska
Sidantal: 45

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